Non-Woven Air Filter

Product Description


·        KOWA metal framed air filters are sustainable with low-pressure drop, and high efficiency under maximum airflow. They are suited for HVAC ventilation systems and general air filtration system. The media in the filters is replaceable.

·        The filters are available for wide range of sizes, styles, and thickness. The width of filter is up to 1.8M and can be framed by galvanized steel or aluminum. The filter media can be formed of cut pads or rolls.

·        The filter media is made of Polyester, Nylon, and Acetate. The connection between filter and media is sealed properly to remain high efficiency and dust collecting capacity.

·        The media is tested according to AF (Air Filter Institute). The efficiency exceeds 80% and the resistance is under 2.5mm W.G

·        The filters can also be made of acid-resistant or alkali-resistant materials for particular purpose that customer requests.