Bag / Pocket Air Filters

Product Description


Bag / Pocket Air Filters are made with pieces of synthetic non-woven fabric media and assembled with galvanized steel frames to form pockets. The stitching of the bag is flexible to keep the media in shape for varied airflow conditions. To prevent any leakage, stitching is sealed with thermoplastic resin. Each bag-type air filter can have a specified number of bags, such as 6 pocket bag filter, or 8 pocket bag filter. They can be adjusted according to actual application requirements.

Our bag filters provide high-efficiency filtration while keeping low-pressure drop against airflow. We have efficiency range from 40-45% (brown) 60-65% (green), 80-85% (pink), and 90-95% (yellow). The frame is made of 26-gauge galvanized steel. Different kinds of gasketing are available to meet your application purpose.