Exercising 40 years transformation and upgrade , KOWA AIR FILTER INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a qualified manufacturer of air filtration system with a supportive group.

Professional and fine quality are our faith to earn client's trust over four decades.

KOWA is widely known by domestic and foreign markets.

We are going to seek for better perfection and lead in air filtration industry in the future.

  • Semiconductor

  • Biomedical

  • Opto-Electronics

  • Food

  • Plastic

  • Electronic




Micro-contaminant will cause serious influence the wafer surface and optical devices in the semiconductor industry.
If there are any micro-contaminant bring in the chip production process , it will highly affect production capacity and yield rate.

Phoenix Silicon International Corporation
Sigurd Microelectronics Corporation


The solution of air filtration can't be ignored in the pharmaceuticals industry.
KOWA's product can help you to follow rules , control contaminant and reach the most strict requirement in the production.
In the meantime , product quality can be satisfied by your demand.

Chang Gung Biotechnology
Chang Gung Medical Foundation


Following demand growth of higher quality product , the air cleanliness control is more important than before.
We must control the cleanliness under the most strict standard to upgrade product quality.

Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp.
Largan Precision Co., Ltd.


The contaminant can be prevent into your product by using air filtration system.
Food and beverage industry can reach the most strict food regulation and promise the quality to your clients.

Kaohsiung Airport Catering Services
Tripodking Inc.


Malignant gas will damage the productivity , cause employee's health and environmental risk during plastic process.
KOWA air filtration system can effective improve air pollution and odor.

Formosa Plastics Corporation
Nan YA Plastics Corporation


Particle control pollution is essential in the production of electronic industry.
KOWA air filtration system will avoid pollution absorbing on the electronic components and improve the productivity.

Compeq Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Chin-Poon Industrial Co., Ltd.